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About the hotel

About the hotel

About the hotel

About the hotel

The name Lonca dates back to the distant year 973, when the story of today's Škofja Loka began with the first settlement. The rich heritage of the area is the foundation on which we build the story of the hotel because everything we are originates from our past. However, with dedication and a desire to create the utmost comfort and satisfaction for our guests, based on history, we conjure up a beautiful present for you and build a flourishing future! Experience the cultural and historical wealth of Škofja Loka, discover the magical beauty of Slovenia, surrender to the full experience of romance, write successful business stories - the stories that are created in the arms of the LONCA hotel are stories that last!

About the hotel

Information for guests

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Information for guests

Check-in: after 14:00.

Check-out: until 10:30.

  1. Own parking lot
  2. Public transport nearby
  3. Adapted for the disabled
  4. Pets are not allowed


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Information for guests


Comfort comes first
Comfort comes first

carefully selected materials ensure a pleasant and comfortable stay.

Beautiful views of the surroundings
Beautiful views of the surroundings

From all our rooms there is a view of the beautiful medieval Škofja Loka.

Family-friendly hotel
Family-friendly hotel

Even the youngest are welcome, in our family rooms you will find everything for a carefree family vacation.

Safe stay
Safe stay

With the highest hygiene standards, we ensure the well-being and safety of our guests.


Everything you are interested in in one place

1 Who can I contact if I have problems with my reservation?

Who can I contact if I have problems with my reservation? (In case of problems, contact our E-MAIL address: and our phone: +386 4 292 88 00 

2 What type of card can I use to reserve a hotel room?

We accept reservations with the following credit cards: VISA, MasterCard and Eurocard.

3 Are pets allowed?

Pets are welcome in the hotel lobby and bar, but unfortunately we cannot provide accommodation for animals in the rooms.

4 Does the hotel have parking?

Yes. Parking in our parking lot is the responsibility of the vehicle owner; Hotel Lonca is not responsible for possible

damage or theft. Parking is payable for hotel guests and amounts to €10 per day.

5 Check-in and check-out.

Reception hours are from 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Check-in is possible from 3:00 p.m. Please let us know the exact time of arrival up to 12 hours before check-in. Please leave the room by 10:00 a.m. Later check-out is possible by agreement with the reception and depending on availability.

6 Do you offer private transportation from the airport and other locations?

By agreement. To organize transportation, contact the reception.

7 How is public transport arranged to the hotel?

By bus and train to Škofja Loka.

8 Is it possible to settle into the room before check-in time?

Yes, by prior arrangement and subject to availability.

9 Can I check in in the evening? After 8pm?

Yes. The reception's working hours are until 10 p.m. Entry is also possible after the reception's working hours byprior agreement.

10 How does changing the booking date affect the price?

If the reservation is canceled while it is still free (see terms and conditions), the price will be adjusted to the currently valid price list.)

11 In case of late check-out, do I have to pay an extra day?

Please leave the room by 10:00 a.m. Later check-out is possible upon agreement with the reception and subject to availability.

13 Where is the Hotel Lonca parking lot?

The parking lot is located in front of the hotel.

14 Can I make a reservation even without a card?

Yes, the guest can make the reservation by paying the invoice in advance, which is provided by the reception.

15 How do you store my personal data?

In the hotel database, where we strictly comply with the GDPR.

16 Je vaš WIFI brezplačen?

Da. Uporaba internetne povezave je brezplačna. 

17 What are the cancellation conditions?

All conditions are written in the "general conditions" tab.

18 Is a specific diet possible?

Yes, by prior arrangement.

19 Can I rent bicycles at the hotel?

Yes. Contact our reception, who will be happy to help you.

20 Can I pay in installments?

No. Payment in installments is not possible.

Safe stay

With the highest hygiene standards, we ensure the well-being and safety of our guests.


We pay a lot of attention to our guests, which is why we maintain cleanliness and hygiene in our premises. We continue to implement the measures we adopted during the pandemic and keep the level of cleanliness at the highest standard.

22Hotel cleaning

After each guests departure, the room is thoroughly cleaned. Since we are committed to protecting the environment, we kindly ask you to maintain order and cleanliness in your room. We will change your towels and refresh your room every other day. We will change your bed linens on the third day, unless you leave the next day.

33Protocols for events

In Hotel Lonca, it is possible to rent a conference room and a mezzanine. The price of renting a conference room is calculated according to the duration of the rental according to the valid price list.


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