Hotel Lonca
The Loka night casts it's spell

The Loka night casts it's spell


Haunted Castle and Bishop´s Breakfast

Haunted Castle and Bishop´s Breakfast

Welcome to Hotel Lonca overlooking the medieval heart of Škofja Loka, celebrating 1050 years of history. The millennium-long rule of the Bishops of Fresing brought prosperity to Lonca, the ancient name of Loka. What remains today are Loški Grad, traditional craftsmanship, and lingering spirits. After sunset, Škofja Loka lights twinkle and the darkness descends upon Loški Grad. Souls, trapped within the castle walls for centuries, awaken. The night holds power. Follow the mysterious castle keeper through the chambers, guided by a red thread. If you manage to escape, wake up to an enchanted Bishop´s breakfast at Hotel Lonca.

Haunted Castle and Bishop´s Breakfast

Let the castle;s keeper guide you through the realm of ghosts.

Who is the girl crowned amidst a forest teeming with foxes, as depicted in Tina Dobrajc painting "Where the Wild Things Are?" In this acclaimed artist work, blending Slovenian tradition with modernity. This is where we find the red thread, which helps us navigate through the castle dim chambers alongside the caretaker. The journey begins after sunset, at varying times each night. Suddenly, we are enveloped in a blend of theater and horror. In the shadows, familiar chambers and objects take on eerie new forms. The Ursuline crown animates, a stuffed creature stirs, old keys and chests echo, and shadows dance with nails and chapel angels.

Escape over the drawbridge, toss the ghosts and savor our Bishop´s breakfast. Your only escape route is across the drawbridge. If ghosts accompany you from the castle, interact with them.

How did you sleep So the log spirits managed to sneak into your dreams?

No, in any case, you will now strengthen yourself with our enchanted breakfast, so that you can feel the abundance of the thousand-year rule of Loška and the delicious produce and products of today's Škofjeloško farms. Then you will be ready for new adventures - on Škofjeloška and beyond.

Bon Appetit!

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